Sftp client improvements

Rachit Siamwalla rachit at ensim.com
Sat Mar 3 10:08:06 EST 2001

Hmm, i wonder if it would be just better to integrate a full featured
open FTP client in and plug it into an openssh backend / networking
layer rather than the openssh team implementing it themselves.

> 1.   Include support for wildcards ('get opens*' for example)
> 1.1 If the wirlcards with "get" cannot be done, then at least mget should be
>      included (with wildcards support)
> 2. TAB competes the filename/s (as it is done in shell)
> 3. "ls" should normally do a short list, and if user want a long list, then
> "ls -l"
>      must do that
> 4. Download status (to control the progress of the transfer)

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