OpenSSH/scp ->> F-Secure SSH server Problems

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Sun Mar 11 10:28:28 EST 2001

On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Davis, Ricardo C. wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there some know problem between the 'scp' client in OpenSSH 2.5.1p1 and
> F-Secure's SSH 2.4.0 server?  The client is running on a Linux (2.2.17) box
> and server is running on Win2K.  When I try to transfer files it asks me for
> the password (which I provide) then it hangs.  Using 'scp -v' didn't provide
> any helpful info; it's as though the problem happened before the
> authentication completed.  I've looked through both the openssh-unix-dev and
> secure-shell list archives and I haven't seen any issue between the two.

This has come up before.. F-Secure uses scp2  which is scp over sftp
subsytem.  Where OpenSSH only supports scp which is rcp over ssh.

I suggest you check out the sftp client provided in the latest release of
OpenSSH for transfer compatiblity with F-Secure.  When time permits I'm
sure someone will write an scp2 replacement for OpenSSH, but I believe our
sftp client needs improvement before we write an scp2 replacement.

- Ben

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