Problems with sftp under SCO OpenServer (fwd)

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Sun Mar 11 16:17:39 EST 2001

This is the final results of sftp on SCO OpenServer.

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Subject: RE: Problems with sftp under SCO OpenServer

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> > I downloaded today's snap, and placed #undef HAVE_SNPRINTF 
> and #undef
> > HAVE_VSNPRINTF in the openbsd-compat/bsd-snprintf.c file.  When I
> > compiled this and connected to the system, everything looked good...
> > 
> <grumble>  That is what I was afraid of.
> Is 'llu' even valid under SCO's snprintf?
> - Ben

With SCO's "native" development kit, it is not.  With the newly released
UnixWare and OpenServer Development Kit, it is.  Right now, gcc is
configured to look into /usr/include /usr/lib, etc. which is where the
native development environment resides.  I am not certain how to change
this to /udk/usr/*, which is where the new development kit resides.

Even if gcc can be reconfigured to look into these new directories by
default, though, I don't know whether it would break something else.
The gcc package for OpenServer was built with the older libraries in

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