ssh through proxy (was: prng_cmds/init_rng() question/patch)

Mats Andersson mats at
Tue Mar 13 19:29:41 EST 2001


Sorry for pushing this even further off topic but since someone mentioned
MindTerm I couldn't resist answering :-)

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Lewandowsky, Matt wrote:
> Is there anything like this atm which uses the web server as a proxy? For
> example, say that I'm behind a firewall at work, and the "security policy"
> disallows ssh. 

MindTerm (and I'm sure other clients too) have the feature to connect
"out" through either a http proxy or a socks4/5 proxy. The case you
describe probably includes a http proxy to pass out through (which most
often IS allowed by policies...) in which case you in most cases is able
to "fool" the http proxy in letting you out through https (often meaning
that you have to put your sshd listening on 443 on the other end).



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