what about socks support?

Shinichi Maruyama marya at st.jip.co.jp
Wed Mar 14 11:47:58 EST 2001

bds> In [/path/to/]ssh_config, add:
bds> Host *internet*
bds> 	ProxyCommand [/path/to/]socksify [/path/to/]nc %h %p
bds> You will want to change "*internet*" to some other way to identify
bds> hosts behind a socks firewall.  Is this a good or bad way of doing
bds> things?  It seemed the simplest way to me, and scp copies binary files.

	I want to use ProxyCommand

	Host !*.our.domain
		ProxyCommand .......

but Host option has no '!' syntax. Can anyone add this officially ?

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Shinichi Maruyama (marya at st.jip.co.jp)

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