what about socks support?

Jim Knoble jmknoble at jmknoble.cx
Wed Mar 14 13:28:50 EST 2001

Circa 2001-Mar-14 09:47:58 +0900 dixit Shinichi Maruyama:

: I want to use ProxyCommand
: 	Host !*.our.domain
: 		ProxyCommand .......
: but Host option has no '!' syntax. Can anyone add this officially ?

I can't speak to adding anything, but in the meantime you could do
something like this:

  Host *.your.internal.domain
    # All settings for your internal domain

  Host *
    # All settings for everything else, including ProxyCommand

It duplicates some entries, but it will work.

If the ProxyCommand option recognized a 'none' or 'off' or 'nil'
setting that caused it to be unset, it would be much easier:

  Host *.your.internal.domain
    ProxyCommand none

  Host *
    # ...
    ProxyCommand ....

Unfortunately, that's not there either....

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