OpenSSH 2.3.0p1: HP-UX 11.00 64-bit

Quentin Bracken quentin.bracken at
Wed Mar 14 16:47:32 EST 2001

I have encountered a problem with using OpenSSH 2.3.0p1 on 64-bit HP-UX
11.00 systems.  This bug does not exhibit itself on any 32-bit HP-UX
11.00 or HP-UX 10.20 systems that I have built 2.3.0p1 on.  OpenSSH
2.3.0p1 was built with HPs ANSI C compiler with OpenSSL 0.9.6 and zlib

The problem is with the call to vhangup(2) in sshd when interactive
sessions are started.  The problem does not occur for non-interactive
sessions.  When vhangup(2) is called, the following error is sent to

Mar 13 21:14:37 hpux1100 vmunix: System call 76 (vhangup) was called in
a kernel where the
Mar 13 21:14:37 hpux1100 vmunix: type of at least one of its arguments
is currently
Mar 13 21:14:37 hpux1100 vmunix: unspecified.  This is a problem that
must be fixed by
Mar 13 21:14:37 hpux1100 vmunix: the owner of the system call before the
kernel can be
Mar 13 21:14:37 hpux1100 vmunix: released.  The process was pid 19386

The child sshd receives as SIGSYS (signal 12), disconnects the client,
dies, and then sends a SIGCHLD to the parent sshd.  This prevents
interactive sessions from beginning.  I have reproduced this on two
separate HP-UX 11.00 64-bit systems with locally built OpenSSH 2.3.0p1
packages.  One of these systems has the latest March 2001 HP-UX 11.00
recommended bundle installed.

Altering configure to set BROKEN_VHANGUP for HP-UX 11 prevents
vhangup(2) from being used and builds usable OpenSSH daemons on my HP-UX
11.00 64-bit systems.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Quentin C. Bracken
UNIX Master Craftsman
Application Development UNIX Services, Sabre Inc.
quentin.bracken at

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