Ctrl-C problem on HP-UX

Ryan Bradetich ryan_bradetich at hp.com
Wed Mar 14 10:27:10 EST 2001

Hello OpenSSH Developers,

I have been working on developeing an OpenSSH SD package for
HP-UX 10.20 and HP-UX 11.00 to deploy on servers we manage.  
Unfortenately, I have enountered the ctrl-c problem which
manifests when the daemon is started in non-interactive
mode (in this case from the SD Daemon).  When I manually
stop/start the daemon, the ctrl-c functionality works.  

I have dug through the archives and found the work Garrick
James, Gert Doering, and Damien Miler have done in the 
past to fix this problem.  Verified the signal(SIGINT, SIG_DFL);
was in the proper place in the sshd.c.  Then I tried the fix
Garrick James and Gert Doering origionally propsed by adding the
signal to sshpty.c.  Neither of these solutions solved the

I have tested this on both openssh-2.3.0p1 and openssh-2.5.1p1,
connecting from a linux/hp-ux system using openssh-2.3.0p1 
protocol 1. I have not tried protocol 2 at this time, but would 
be willing to test this if it helps debug the problem.

Please let me know if I can provide more information/test ideas,
etc.  I would really like to find a [better] fix for this 


- Ryan

P.S. Please CC me on the email since I am not subscribed to this
list (yet).

Ryan Bradetich
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