Problem with connecting to host running ssh 2.3.0p1

Christian Kurz shorty at
Fri Mar 16 04:11:33 EST 2001


I just did a cvs update on my copy of the openssh stuff here to be sure
that this bug is still existing. If I connect to a host running 2.3.0p1
and use protocol version 2 ssh fails. Here's the excerpt from the debug
log. I would appreciate if someone could fix this, so that I can use
protocol version 2 again:

|debug1: send SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS.
|debug1: done: send SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS.
|debug1: done: KEX2.
| 06 c5 df df cf 9b fd 08 db 73 e8 7b 54 b3 aa d9
|debug1: compress outgoing: raw data 58, compressed 61, factor 1.05
|debug1: compress incoming: raw data 0, compressed 0, factor 0.00
|Disconnecting: Bad packet length 113631199.
|debug1: Calling cleanup 0x80608ec(0x0)

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