X forwarding from Linux -> Irix not working

Kevin Taylor ktaylor at eosdata.gsfc.nasa.gov
Mon Mar 19 23:10:02 EST 2001

Andrew Daviel wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, Kevin Taylor wrote:
> >
> > I'm logging in from an irix machine to a linux machine (both running
> > openssh-2.5.1p2) and am unable to run any X applications.
> I had this the other way around. Turned out that xauth was not being run
> properly from sshd because /etc/ssh/sshrc existed and was not running
> xauth. After you login you can use "xauth\nlist" and it should have a
> couple of entries and be using an authority file /tmp/ssh-xxxx/cookies.
> The path to xauth is set by the configure script but can be overridden in
> sshd_config.
> --

This is interesting. I ssh over to the linux box...xauth is in the path,
so I think that's ok....but:

Using authority file /tmp/ssh-hKi16768/cookies
xauth> list

I'm not seeing anything there.

The cookies file is 0 bytes.....what might be going on here?

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