Jeff Blaine jblaine at
Tue Mar 20 08:51:53 EST 2001

When comparing SSH 1.2.27 with OpenSSH 2.5.1 I see that the SecurID
code/patch is not in OpenSSH 2.5.1.

I'm not sure how or why that happened.

Upon looking through the OpenSSH 2.5.1 source, I think I could fairly
easily provide a 'SecurID Authentication Method' patch (which would
rely on -DHAVE_SECURID, -I/blah/securid/include, and
-L/blah/securid/lib... /blah/securid being a proprietary product
from Security Dynamics)

I'm not committing to anything yet, but is this something that will
be welcome if I do it?  ... or shall I just hack the source again
to turn auth_password into something that does SecurID only for
our specific needs.  Seems silly.

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