SSH doesnt let me login (fwd)

Debojyoti Dutta ddutta at
Thu Mar 22 05:43:05 EST 2001

so what are the features that are used to build the rpm. maybe someone
could add that in the faq list. i had to use the source distribution
because i couldnt find a rpm for openssl. 


On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Pekka Savola wrote:

> This is caused by the fact that you're using MD5 passwords (use
> --with-md5-passwords if you don't want to use PAM) and you haven't enabled
> PAM (--with-pam).
> As a rule, I should say that you should use the RPM's unless you know what
> you're doing.  ./configure --help gives some pointers.
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> Hi
> I installed openssh and i tried to log into my machine from another
> machine. It says permission denied even though I have given the correct
> passwd. I built openssh from the sources on a PIII box running redhat6.2
> I installed openssh removing my's ssh in the hope that it will
> work fine too
> Please help
> Debo
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