living with masq

Devon Bleak devon at
Fri Mar 23 17:03:10 EST 2001

since i started using the masq code from iptables/kernel 2.4, i haven't had
any problems with sessions timing out, even after leaving them idle over
night or all day.

with ipchains/kernel 2.2, i just set the timeouts on tcp connections to be
something like 4 hours (default is 15 minutes), which i found was more than
enough, but is configurable beyond even that.


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> I'm on too many lists already, so haven't joined this one. If you have
> things that I really need to know, please reply or CC me off-list.
> I often work through masqueraded (NAT) links, and find that the
> following patch is able to keep an idle ssh link up where nothing else
> will. Please consider making it a part of the main ssh package.
> I understand that Linux-Mandrake, starting with the updates to their
> distribution release number 7.2, includes this patch routinely. I myself
> have never had a problem with it. Does it do anything nasty to other
> (non-Linux) systems?
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