OpenSSh 2.5.2p2 on Linux/Sparc

Lewandowsky, Matt mattl at
Wed Mar 28 06:04:10 EST 2001

Ahh...I see now. Sorry about that...

Anyway, back to OpenSSH packages on Linux/SPARC: Does anyone have a desire
to have packages for this platform? I'm just about done getting my latest
SPARC (a SS2 w/ a full 64MB RAM... Anyone know where I can get an SBUS
expansion card for more RAM?) online that I was going to use for things
exactly like this. (Which my significant other doesn't see the point of,
but... "Can't they do it theirselves? How hard can it be?" and all that...)
I'm likely going to be running Slackware-Current on it. However, alien
should do the trick nicely if I build everything statically, correct?
(Slackware because Debian doesn't like my mouse and I dislike RH. No offense
intended to anyone.) Or would NetBSD/SPARC be more useful? I'm able to
install both...

And if this is a desirable thing, can someone give me a place to store the
files? I currently don't have a hosting provider. (My web site is only
online when I am, in other words...)


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> On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Lewandowsky, Matt wrote:
> > Does OpenSSH actually have SPARC/Linux binaries? (/me 
> checks...) Since I
> > don't see any architecture info, I assume the RPMs are for 
> x86... So,
> > SPARC/Linux users have to install from source... (Good for 
> my reference...)
> >
> Well.. I was refering to sed RPM updates.=)  Last I checked no one
> was building SPARC/Linux RPMs nor binaries.
> - Ben

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