RFE: Portable OpenSSH

Jason Fortezzo fortezzo at directlink.net
Wed Mar 28 14:19:25 EST 2001

At 04:46 PM 3/27/2001, you wrote:
 >On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 01:07:03PM -0800, Dan Kaminsky wrote:
 >> Anyway, these aren't theoretical complaints.  I had the:
 >> 1. Copy files over
 >> 2. Damnit, forgot SCP.
 >> 3. Copy SCP over.
 >> 4. Damnit, forgot libz.
 >> 5. Copy libz over.
 >> 6. Damnit, forgot the list of prng commands
 >> 7. Copy list over
 >> 8. Run SCP
 >what about:
 >1) copy the tar file over.
 >2) done.

I do something along the same lines, but to ease removal of all
the files, I have a file named after the package in
/usr/local/share/manifest that contains a list of all the files in
the tar.  To remove the package, I do
rm -f `cat /usr/local/share/manifest/package_name`

This allows me to have a standardised package format on all
my platforms with minimal hassle.  Sure it is messy, but it works.

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