Expired password handling in openssh-2.5.1p1/2

Darren Moffat Darren.Moffat at eng.sun.com
Wed Mar 28 07:08:07 EST 2001

>> there is only support thru PAM right now.  i had started a
>> multi-platform password interface last year, and while it was close to
>> the point of being integrated, i have been side-tracked with stuff that
>> was more interesting to work on.  adding just code to run passwd if the
>> password has expired isn't hard, and maybe we should do that.
>Has any of this ended up in the current openssh portable code?

Forgive me if I'm repeating something since I missed the beginning of this

Without using PAM how do you intend to find out that the password has
actually expired ?  Without reinventing what pam_acct_mgmt() does ?

Darren J Moffat

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