OpenSSH 2.5.2p2: Why is /usr/local/ put into the include & lib paths under Solaris?

Christopher Linn celinn at
Thu Mar 29 00:42:37 EST 2001


first off, please note that "OSSH" is the moniker of another
implementation of SSH:
my first glance at your postings made me think "why is someone
discussing OSSH?  hmm..."

second off, sorry for the missing `\':

On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 12:13:48AM -0800, Carson Gaspar wrote:
> --On Tuesday, March 27, 2001 11:42 PM -0500 Christopher Linn <celinn at> wrote:
> > On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 07:59:50PM -0800, Lewandowsky, Matt wrote:
> >> But the main question hasn't been answered: Why is /usr/local placed
> >> before user-specified paths? Hypothetical example: You want to link
> >> against OpenSSL 0.96 for OpenSSH, but /usr/local contains 0.95, which is
> >> needed for something else. (Assume it comes binary only on Solaris for
> >> the sake of argument...)
> >
> > because it is so easy to dodge that already when you run ./configure.
> >
> > if you use env insertions in the command line of ./configure, like:
> >
> > 	CPPFLAGS="-I/my/include/dir" \
> > 	CFLAGS="whatever" \
> > 	LDFLAGS="-L/my/lib/Ldir -R/my/lib/Rdir" \
> > 		./configure \
===============>          ^^^^^
> > 			--option-1 \
> > 			--option-2 \
> > 	...etc...
> >
> > when you load your env like this, configure will insert those -ahead-
> > of /usr/local, whereas if you use the --cppflags/--cflags/--ldflags
> > configure options, those are placed -after- /usr/local.
> So I'm expected to hack around the fact that configure is broken and 
> doesn't handle --with-openssl properly? <BZZZT> Wrong answer.

you are correct, sir.  and i must say that i should never have 
phrased it as though i ever actually had anything to do with it:

> > because it is so easy to dodge that already when you run ./configure.

i should have said something more like "well, OK, here's how i
hacked around that without thinking twice about it..."

i suppose if i had spent more time learning the real details about
GNU autoconf, automake, aclocal etc i might have recognized this as
a bug in this particular  then i could have reported
this as a bug.. i should pay more attention.

i must remark that the OpenSSH is really great in that
it gives us a very nice synopsis at the end of it's run about what
it actually did when it ran.  with it, we can quickly see things
like this.

as for why /usr/local/* is forced in there all the time, again i am
just used to that from all GNU autoconf dependant stuff.  heck, GNU
virtually 0WNS /usr/local!  /usr/local on anything is always subsumed
in an utterly Borgish way by GNU software.  hell i'm waiting for RMS
to take out a patent on it and restrict what can go there!  *chuckle*

so, in closing, thnaks for pointing out the bug  ;*)

> --
> Carson



P.S. again, please call it OpenSSH, not OSSH.  thnaks  ;*D

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