Initial patch to implement partial auth with SSH2

Carson Gaspar carson at
Wed Mar 28 18:59:12 EST 2001

Attached is a patch which adds a new config option, AuthOrder2, to 
sshd_config.c. The syntax is:

AuthOrder2 AuthMethod1[:SubAuthMethod1[:SubAuthMethod2...]][,AuthMethod2...]

An example, requiring users to enter a public key _and_ a password, in that 

AuthOrder2 publickey:password

The current default behaviour:

AuthOrder2 password,publickey,keyboard-interactive

Require a public key, then either a password or keyboard-interactive:

AuthOrder2 publickey:password,publickey:keyboard-interactive

It's still a rough patch, and has not been heavily tested. I'd appreciate 
any feedback people have. I'd like to get this committed to the main tree 
at some point, so if the maintainers have any architectural changes they'd 
like in order to accomplish that, I'd be happy to comply.

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