Couldn't obtain random bytes

Rune Mossige runemo at
Mon Oct 1 22:30:51 EST 2001

I am trying to generate a ssh_known_hosts2 file, 2.9.9p2,
ssh-keyscan -f list_of_hosts -t rsa > ssh_known_hosts.rsa
ssh-keyscan -f list_of_hosts -t dsa > ssh_known_hosts.dsa

but both commands fail almost immidiately with:
Couldn't obtain random bytes (error 604389476)

What could that mean?

Servers that I am aware of that I query is:

Adding a -v to ssh-keyscan does not give much more info:
sh-keyscan -v -f list_of_hosts -t rsa
debug1: match: OpenSSH_2.9.9p2 pat ^OpenSSH
# xxxxxx.yyyy SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_2.9.9p2
Enabling compatibility mode for protocol 2.0
Couldn't obtain random bytes (error 604389476)
debug1: Calling cleanup 0x21bf8(0x0)
debug1: Calling cleanup 0x1c3cc(0x0)

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