hang on exit - bug or no bug?

Schieber, Dustin dschiebe at cisco.com
Thu Oct 4 05:18:50 EST 2001

The hang on exit has become quite an issue in my organization(Sun and HP
hosts).  I see this note in the changelog which indicates that there
will not be a fix for this problem:

 - (djm) Back out all the serverloop.c hacks. sshd will now hang again
   if there are background children with open fds.

Also, I am aware of the workaround as noted in the FAQ.  However this
workaround is not ideal for sysadmins that regularly background jobs
from the cmd-line.  It's impractical to ask them to redirect stdin,
stdout, and stderr every time.  In addition, we have many jobs failing
because various stop/start scripts leave open fds.  Identifying and
modifying all such scripts is possible but not something I want to

Question:  This was not an issue for us with ssh 1.2.x.  Why is it an
issue with Openssh?   Will this ever be classified as a bug?


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