socks and misc patch to 2.9.9p2

Shun-ichi GOTO gotoh at
Mon Oct 8 01:14:15 EST 2001

>>>>> at Sun, 7 Oct 2001 12:32:44 +0100 
>>>>> "Manton, Doug" <dmanton at> said,> 

> Can anyone advise a way of using ProxyCommand for socks v4/v5 under AIX
> 4.3.x?  I use runsocks under Solaris and Linux, but this is not available
> for AIX.  I have been using the NEC socks library to socksify OpenSSH at
> compile time, but if there is a better way...

Try this command for ProxyCommand.
Comment of source describes how to use.

Current version of connect.c supports SOCKS version 5 and 4 and HTTP
proxy (CONNECT method).  It doesn't have configure program but using
standard functions.  So I expect it can be compiled AIX.

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