OpenSSH_2.9.9p2 Configuration problem

David Ronis ronis at
Thu Oct 18 06:02:35 EST 2001

I've recently upgraded some of my machines from an ssh1 environment to
an openssh one, and consequently, I'm now using the ssh2 protocol.  I
can't seem to get it to allow remote logins without prompting for a
passphrase or password.  Is this possible?  I've created id_dsa and
id_rsa files etc., using ssh-keygen and have copied the public
information to the remote authorized_keys files from the other ends of
the connections.

When I try to connect, I get propted for the rsa passphrase, and if I
don't give it, the dsa one, and finally the password.

I prefer the ssh1 behavior, although, adding the information to the
various authorized_keys files is no great hardship.

Any suggestions?

I don't subscribe to this list, so please cc me directly.


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