Bug when flushing data in openssh 2.9

Michael Widenius monty at mysql.com
Sun Oct 21 15:28:04 EST 2001


>>>>> "Markus" == Markus Friedl <markus at openbsd.org> writes:

Markus> On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 10:27:27PM +0300, Michael Widenius wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I am use SuSe 7.2 x86 and openssh-2.9p1-7.rpm
>> I got a problem using bitkeeper on my laptop where bitkeeper
>> reported an I/O error while reading data from 'ssh'.
>> After much debugging, and some help from the bitkeeper people, I found
>> out that that clientloop.c doesn't handle interrupts gracefully.
>> (It died when it got an EAGAIN error when writing to the application)
>> After applying the following patch, everything started to work for me:

Markus> 2.9 is very old, please check 2.9.9 at
Markus> 	http://www.openssh.com/portable.html
Markus> or try a recent snapshot.

2.9p1-7.rpm is the openssh version distributed with the latest SuSE
(7.2) distribution;  If it's very old, then we should inform SuSE that
they need to release an upgraded RPM to fix this, because this is a serious

I am now on a conference trip, so I have to delay checking the new
code until I am back.  If the bug still exists, I will repost my patch
to this list.

Thanks for the feedback!


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