cross compiling openssh?

Ray Lehtiniemi rayl at
Fri Oct 19 19:12:10 EST 2001

On Fri, Oct 19, 2001 at 10:10:13AM +0200, Markus Friedl wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 08:48:00PM -0600, Ray Lehtiniemi wrote:
> > is cross compilation support planned anytime soon?  if not, what's involved
> > (technically or otherwise) in making it happen?
> just do it.

ok, so no issues except just getting it done, then.

some more details on my setup.  i am prototyping a cirrus cs89712 (arm720
based) embedded system using a CDB89712 eval board with:

  - gcc-2.95.3
  - linux-2.4-ac-rmk
  - uClibc-cvs

i grabbed openssh-2.9.9p2.tar.gz, fudged the AC_TRY_RUN issues and
glossed over a few uClibc issues.  this resulted in an executable that will, in
theory, at least run.  i'll test it out tomorrow or monday, when i again have access
to the devel board.

some questions:

  - is cross-compilation considered a "core development effort" or a "portability
    development effort"?  in other words, which cvs tree am i working against?

  - i found the openbsd style(9) guide.  is there a cross-compilation guide?  are
    there any particularly good examples of cross-compile autoconfigury that i
    should be emulating?

  - is uClibc considered secure?  how "good" will my sshd be if compiled against


    Ray Lehtiniemi <rayl at> <rayl at>

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