cross compiling openssh?

mouring at mouring at
Sat Oct 20 00:07:25 EST 2001

> some questions:
>   - is cross-compilation considered a "core development effort" or a "portability
>     development effort"?  in other words, which cvs tree am i working against?
It is part of portable effort.  We have never directly supported
cross-compilation because no one has undertaken such a task.  If you want
to help us in that respect great.

>   - i found the openbsd style(9) guide.  is there a cross-compilation guide?  are
>     there any particularly good examples of cross-compile autoconfigury that i
>     should be emulating?
autoconf documentation I assume would be your best bet.  I'm not an
autoconf person (as many know already on this list =).

>   - is uClibc considered secure?  how "good" will my sshd be if compiled against
>     uClibc?

<shrug> Security is in the beholder of the source.  I'd be more worried
about correctness of implementation when it comes to a libc.

- Ben

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