cross compiling openssh?

Ray Lehtiniemi rayl at
Wed Oct 24 05:54:12 EST 2001

hi johan

On Tue, Oct 23, 2001 at 09:16:29PM +0200, johan.adolfsson at wrote:
> I have managed to get openssh cross-compiled to our ETRAX100 and
> ETRAX100LX chip using either uClibc or glibc.
> I posted a patch to a long time ago (2000-12-18) but I guess
> it was to ugly to get accepted or something (I'm not an autoconf guy :)

ok, found your post in the archives, and it looks like you patched all the same
places i did.  i'm still busy investigating various cross-compilable packages
for other examples to follow.

> Regarding uC-libc I guess the current CVS is a lot smoother to work with
> than what I had back then, but beware of the regex implementation...

i'll keep an eye on that.  most of my problems thus far have been with
netdb.h and other uclibc headers declaring things that aren;t actually in the
library, causing autoconf to leave out compat stuff i really do need.

> Another problem to is to get a random seed worth thne name in an embedded
> diskless (but networked) environment.

hum...  indeed.  i have some room on the board, maybe i should put some kind of
circuit on there which can generate a reasonable amount of entropy.  time to
hit the library...


    Ray Lehtiniemi <rayl at> <rayl at>

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