hanging on logout, can't background client

Phil Edwards pedwards at disaster.jaj.com
Wed Oct 24 08:40:03 EST 2001

I've just recently switched from old ssh to OpenSSH 2.  So far no major
problems, until now.  I'm logging in from Linux to Solaris 8.  Both are
running 2.9.9p2.

Under ssh-1.2.28 I would fire off several xterms, exit, and properly get the
"waiting for forwarded X11 connection" message, and then be able to type ~&
(as documented) to get back to the shell.  The channel was kept open for
the xterms, of course, and when the last xterm closed, a message like "hey,
connected to remote machine finally closed now that you've found that stray
xterm, ya chowderhead" would be printed on the terminal I used to connect.

Now, I do all of that, logout, and the client hangs.  NONE of the escape
sequences work, not even ~. !  Can't background it, can't suspend it.
That bothers me.

Do I need to "sacrifice" a terminal to do my ssh'ing, one per remote
machine?  Start the xterms, exit, then just minimize it as a wasted window?
That'd be a severe PITA.  Is there a configuration option on either side
that I'm missing?

(What's really annoying is when a forwarded X app crashes, and ssh /thinks/
it's still running.  Then the terminal is permanently hung, since the
connection never closes.)

Any tips?  Am I forgetting to tweak something?


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