PAM conversation stuff

Dost, Alexander Alexander.Dost at
Fri Oct 26 17:09:06 EST 2001

Just to start a new thread in this discussion...
As I asked before, when using an interactive session (plain simple 'ssh
<host>'), and the prompt for changing the password appears, this stuff comes
out of the PAM library, right ?
So the problem that the password (login password first) now entered is
non-hidden on the screen comes from PAM, not from ssh ?
And why does the password-expiration checking work only with the
PAM_TTY_KLUDGE ? If I understood the whole thing, this kludge should only be
activated in conjunction with non-interactive sessions. But without it ssh
(2.9.9p2 on Sol8) just closes the connection without any hint to the expired

- Alex

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