Default $PATH of rsh (Was Re: What risk is X11Forward to a server?)

Brian Harvell harvell at
Sat Oct 27 02:42:19 EST 2001

On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Dave Dykstra wrote:

> > Reads /etc/default/login if detected during compile (ie Solaris)
> That file is not intended to be environment variables to set in the user's
> process, it is intended to be parameters to the login program; it's not
> sufficient to just read that file in.  SSH 1.2.27 has a big long
> complicated function to read that file that looks for specific variables,
> for example:

Yes I know it's not intended for that but what do you want for 10 mins
(including testing) of work :-) I was getting tired of all the jabberings and it
is the proper format and does work... The only negative side effect is it sets
a couple of useless env vars.

>     1. set $PATH to the $SUPATH value if super user
>     2. set the umask to the $UMASK value
>     3. set $SHELL if and only if $ALTSHELL is set
>     4. set $TZ if $TIMEZONE is set
>     5. set the ulimit if $ULIMIT is set

yes this would be the proper way to read it.

> > Reads $sysconfdir/environment all the time if it's there.
> session.c is currently reading /etc/environment only on AIX.  I like
> Brian's idea to always look for that in $sysconfdir.

yes I do too and I think it should be included in the src tree.



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