Default $PATH of rsh (Was Re: What risk is X11Forward to a server?)

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Sat Oct 27 03:19:47 EST 2001


On Fri, 26 Oct 2001 12:42:19 -0400 (EDT), Brian Harvell wrote:

>> > Reads /etc/default/login if detected during compile (ie Solaris)

Oops, what a coincidence: I posted a patch for this in August and (with 
some modifications) again some minutes ago.

>> That file is not intended to be environment variables to set in the 
>> user's process, it is intended to be parameters to the login program; 
>> it's not sufficient to just read that file in.  SSH 1.2.27 has a big 
>> long complicated function to read that file that looks for specific 
>> variables, for example:

>>     1. set $PATH to the $SUPATH value if super user

I already do this.

>>     2. set the umask to the $UMASK value

I already do this.

>>     3. set $SHELL if and only if $ALTSHELL is set

On my todo list.

>>     4. set $TZ if $TIMEZONE is set

Hm. The Solaris man page ist quiet about this, but under ReliantUNIX the 
man page reads like this:

          The default value for TIMEZONE is defined in /etc/TIMEZONE
          [see timezone(4)]. To change the default time zone, use 
          /etc/TIMEZONE. Do not set TIMEZONE in /etc/default/login, as 
          this will override the value in /etc/TIMEZONE.

>>     5. set the ulimit if $ULIMIT is set

On my todo list.

>yes this would be the proper way to read it.

Thanks. :-)


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