[PATCH] for solaris 2.6

Mark D. Baushke mdb at juniper.net
Wed Oct 31 06:40:43 EST 2001

Dan wrote:
>Caveat: I don't have a Solaris 2.6 machine to test against.  The
>following is FYI.
>I'm not sure how well-supported an interface _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE is (as
>opposed to _LARGEFILE_SOURCE, e.g.); <sys/feature_tests.h> refers to
>_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE as a "transitional interface".

Yes, I was mostly looking at the requirements of getting
<sys/resource.h> to be consistent...

>The lfcompile(5) man page (Solaris 8 version attached) provides the
>supported method of compiling apps with largefile support under Solaris.
>Perhaps getconf(1) should be used to define the correct flags (rather
>than guessing at which macros need to be defined) to ensure
>compatibility with current and future releases of Solaris.

On my Solaris 2.6 box, I see

% getconf LFS_CFLAGS
% getconf LFS_LDFLAGS

% getconf LFS_LIBS

% getconf LFS64_CFLAGS
% getconf LFS64_LINTFLAGS
% getconf LFS64_LIBS

% getconf LFS64_LDFLAGS


So, if someone has a 'better' suggested patch that uses getconf on
Solaris, I'm all for it... the alternative would be to 'fix' the
AC_SYS_LARGEFILE so that it does NOT define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS for
Solaris 2.6 boxes.

	-- Mark

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