OpenSSH-3.0p1-pre-CVS: checks for login in -lutil and -lbsd?

Jim Knoble jmknoble at
Wed Oct 31 11:24:16 EST 2001

OpenSSH-3.0p1-pre, from CVS as of about 2001-10-30 23:45 UTC.

Any particular reason why configure is checking for login() in -lutil,
finds it, then checks for it again in -lbsd?

Here's the relevant excerpts (Red Hat Linux 6.2, , kernel-2.2.19,
glibc-2.1.3, egcs-1.1.2, autoconf-2.52):

  $ CFLAGS='-O2 -mpentium -Wall'; export CFLAGS
  $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/encap/openssh_cvs-2001.10.30.2345UTC
  checking for yp_match... no
  checking for yp_match in -lnsl... yes
  checking for setsockopt... yes
  checking for getspnam... yes
  checking for login... no
  checking for login in -lutil... yes   <--- #define HAVE_LIBUTIL_LOGIN
  checking for deflate in -lz... yes
  checking for libutil.h... no
  checking for login... (cached) no
  checking for logout... yes
  checking for updwtmp... yes
  checking for logwtmp... yes
  checking for getuserattr... no
  checking for getuserattr in -ls... no
  checking for login... (cached) no
  checking for login in -lbsd... yes    <--- #define HAVE_LOGIN
  checking for daemon... yes
  OpenSSH has been configured with the following options:
                   User binaries: /usr/local/encap/openssh_cvs-2001.10.30.2345UTC/bin
                 System binaries: /usr/local/encap/openssh_cvs-2001.10.30.2345UTC/sbin
             Configuration files: /usr/local/encap/openssh_cvs-2001.10.30.2345UTC/etc
                 Askpass program: /usr/local/encap/openssh_cvs-2001.10.30.2345UTC/libexec/ssh-askpass
                    Manual pages: /usr/local/encap/openssh_cvs-2001.10.30.2345UTC/man/manX
                        PID file: /var/run
          sshd default user PATH: /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/encap/openssh_cvs-2001.10.30.2345UTC/bin
        Random number collection: Device (/dev/urandom)
                  Manpage format: doc
                     PAM support: no
              KerberosIV support: no
               Smartcard support: no
                     AFS support: no
                   S/KEY support: no
            TCP Wrappers support: no
            MD5 password support: no
     IP address in $DISPLAY hack: no
        Use IPv4 by default hack: no
         Translate v4 in v6 hack: yes
                Host: i586-pc-linux-gnu
            Compiler: egcs -pipe
      Compiler flags: -O2 -mpentium -Wall -Wall -Wpointer-arith -Wno-uninitialized
  Preprocessor flags: 
        Linker flags: 
           Libraries: -lz -lnsl  -lutil -lbsd -lcrypto -lcrypt 

Shouldn't finding login() in -lutil define both HAVE_LIBUTIL_LOGIN and
HAVE_LOGIN?  Or am i missing something?

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