[Patch] Improve diags for "OpenSSL headers match library" configure test

Tim Rice tim at multitalents.net
Mon Aug 5 14:01:04 EST 2002

On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, Ben Lindstrom wrote:

> This is extactly what I was thinking.  It will at least let people know
> that they truly do have multiple OpenSSL versions co-mingled.  It would be
> nice if there was a way to pin point the two deviant versions and let the
> user known where he has to clean up, but I think that is asking way too
> much.  Maybe a blerb in INSTALL talking about cleaning up multiple OpenSSL
> versions and have the failure point to INSTALL's section.
> Tim, if you don't have any complaints on it.  It has my blessing.  Since
> the upstream tree is down.  I won't be able to commit it more than likely
> until I get back from my trip.

This looks good. When CVS comes back up we'll get it in.

> - Ben
> On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, Darren Tucker wrote:
> >
> > checking OpenSSL header version... 90604f (OpenSSL 0.9.6d 9 May 2002)
> > checking OpenSSL library version... 90604f (OpenSSL 0.9.6d 9 May 2002)
> > checking whether OpenSSL's headers match the library... yes

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