Jani Jaakkola jjaakkol at cs.Helsinki.FI
Tue Aug 6 06:20:18 EST 2002

On Mon, 5 Aug 2002 Nicolas.Williams at wrote:

> I still think this sort of thing should be done by the client.
> The client knows everything that the server knows.

Except this time is does not. If there is background processses on the 
tty, the client can either close the session and lose data or wait 
indefinetely for data from the background processes.

> So the client
> can choose to terminate the SSHv2 session when the PTY session
> process leader exits - and it can implement any other termination
> heuristic you wish too.

It needs server modifications that data from the pty session process 
leaders is not lost. I think rlogin and all other pty using programs have 
allready implemented this properly; which is that the pty buffer is 
first emptied and the connection is closed _after_ that.

- Jani

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