openssh on HPUX 11i

Tom Lieuallen toml at
Tue Aug 6 01:25:28 EST 2002

In case this hasn't already been reported or discussed...

It took some doing for me to get openssh working on HPUX 11i.
The fixes are quite simple.  First, one must have the IPV6
package installed:

em 512# swlist -l product | grep IPV6
  IPV6AA                A.01.01.5D     IPv6 11i product 

Second, I have to edit config.h to undefine HAVE_GETADDRINFO.

Without IPV6, ssh can't connect to remote hosts. I don't recall,
but sshd might still function.  Without undefining HAVE_GETADDRINFO,
X11 doesn't work.  It won't setup the virtual display and set DISPLAY.

On a different note, our /usr/local is in NFS, and as we absolutely
depend on SSH (no telnet or rsh), we install ssh locally in /usr.
But, our openssl is installed in /usr/local.  Every time I compile
openssh I have to remember to edit the Makefile and set options so
that libcrypto (and libz on solaris) are linked staticly.  This is
really an environment issue/challenge, but I wouldn't be surprised if
others encounter it as well.  It might be a nice addition to a howto
or readme if people don't feel it is worth addressing with configure. :-)

I don't read this list, so if there is any desire to mail back,
do so separately. :-)

Thank you

Tom Lieuallen
Oregon State University

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