openssh on HPUX 11i

Kevin Steves kevin at
Tue Aug 6 04:01:19 EST 2002

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 08:25:28AM -0700, Tom Lieuallen wrote:
> In case this hasn't already been reported or discussed...
> It took some doing for me to get openssh working on HPUX 11i.
> The fixes are quite simple.  First, one must have the IPV6
> package installed:
> em 512# swlist -l product | grep IPV6
>   IPV6AA                A.01.01.5D     IPv6 11i product 

That should not be true. see:

HP created a lot of frustration for its customers by releasing
a libc patch that added getaddrinfo() and friends but does not
work unless ipv6 is installed.  I informed Mike Huey at HP about
all this back in May.  I do not know if there are patches to fix
the issues and was not provided any defect IDs.  You need to
talk to HP support.

> Second, I have to edit config.h to undefine HAVE_GETADDRINFO.
> Without IPV6, ssh can't connect to remote hosts. I don't recall,
> but sshd might still function.  Without undefining HAVE_GETADDRINFO,
> X11 doesn't work.  It won't setup the virtual display and set DISPLAY.

It sounds like even with ipv6 the HP getaddrinfo() is not working.

> On a different note, our /usr/local is in NFS, and as we absolutely
> depend on SSH (no telnet or rsh), we install ssh locally in /usr.
> But, our openssl is installed in /usr/local.  Every time I compile
> openssh I have to remember to edit the Makefile and set options so
> that libcrypto (and libz on solaris) are linked staticly.  This is
> really an environment issue/challenge, but I wouldn't be surprised if
> others encounter it as well.  It might be a nice addition to a howto
> or readme if people don't feel it is worth addressing with configure. :-)

Or just don't build shared versions, that is what I do:

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