Michael Robinton michael at
Tue Aug 6 11:17:52 EST 2002

> So,
>You reach a certain timeout, and you get notified of something like:
>"Badly written shell processes are running, please hit ~ to force ssh
>connection closure."

fat lot of good that does a script

>Then every end user knows about the "way to close ssh even when shell
>scripts are badly written", and they also get notified of the fact that
>something they did in their session was "wrong", so they can even rectify
>that problem.

What about most users that didn't write the "badly written daemon". Are
they suppose to learn how to maintain other people's stuff???

>The end user is not aware that the things they did were "wrong", most
>probably because most other remote "shells" behave differently, so since
>OpenSSHs behaviour is not "common" then the end user should be made

Again, this oversimplifies the problem. We can make ssh difficult to use
or easy to use -- gee why do you think Windoze is so popular --

since ~ will unconditionally close a terminal window, what's wrong with a
config option to do this automagically if the sysadmin wishes to configure
sshd in this fashion. Give me a good reason (other than academic) why when
the user or script says "bye now" that sshd should not take them


>At 04:18 PM 5/08/2002 -0700, Michael Robinton wrote:
>BTW, it's not a "so-called-hang-on-exit". It DOES hang on exit, there is
>no question about it. The discussion is about how to fix it. Claiming
>it is "proper" doesn't fix the problem or keep people for reporting it as
>a bug over and over again. The client user really does want the process
>close when you say "exit", notwithstanding that there may be and
>outstanding process that could possibly return data. Such is life.
> >> On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 02:53:32PM -0700, Michael Robinton wrote:
> >> sysadmin who is merely and innocent victim of the ssh server. Upon
> >>logout the terminal window hangs....
> >>
> >... and the admin presses ~. if he really want's to close
> >the connection. so what's the problem?
> >
> >-m
>The problem is that it affects not only the knowledgable?? sysadmins but
>all users. It is a nusiance and an agravation. Some users don't know
>about ~ and some scripts which start remote processes via ssh get stuck
>with a hung connection. What's the problem with having sshd close the
>connects AS ASKED by sshd-config option which you can set to leave your
>system hanging if you wish to do so??? Please don't force the rest of us
>to deal with a hung script or blank window when we want to EXIT just
>becasue you think we should not loose the data we clearly don't want.
>Additionally, I really don't want my systems cluttered up with hung sshd
>processes started by remote users that can't figure out how to deal with
>difficult implementation of ssh.
>I'm not bitching about ssh or the development. I think it's a fine
>and you are all to be commended for it's development and improvement.
>lets get real about what users (not always so bright) and daemon
>developers (sometimes really dim) expect from ssh. When I log off a
>terminal window, I expect it to close. When I start a remote daemon, I
>expect to be able to disconnect from the remote host whether it is via a
>terminal window or a script.

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