scp fails where ssh succeeds; buffer_get?

Alexy Khrabrov alexy.khrabrov at
Wed Aug 7 00:33:02 EST 2002

I did have a screwed up key line in authorized_keys2 at some point,
(cut and paste from a dumb xterm insetrted linebreaks, ftp'ed a real
one), which caused the server to close connection immediately.
But even removing the .ssh on the server completely continues to
show teh problem: scp asks for password, then the log message on the
server says it passed:

Aug  6 10:19:04 pdb-pc-6 sshd[30996]: Accepted password for alexy from port 14148 ssh2

Then scp hangs indefinitely.

We use NIS on the server side, can there be any interaction of sshd with it
which is different from ssh?  What really baffles me is that ssh works
while scp and sftp hang after the password is accepted!

My hunch is it's some broken Red Hat 7.1 library.  I prefer SuSE,
but am stuck at work with that Disneyworld distro.  :-)  Any tests
I can try on client/server, any traces I can turn on anywhere?


> perhaps the authorized_keys file is broken (bad linebreaks)?
> -m
> On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 05:44:16PM -0400, Alexy Khrabrov wrote:
> > 
> > I have built the freshest CVS versions of openssh and still observe
> > the same strangest behavior I encountered when trying to scp from a SuSE
> > 7.2 to RedHat 7.1 system -- I built openssl-0.9.6e on RedHat as well--
> > and updated a lot of stuff; but still:
> > 
> > ssh succeeds, and scp fails, leaving the following message in 
> > /var/log/secure: 
> > Aug  5 11:50:44 pdb-pc-6 sshd[4609]: fatal: buffer_get: trying to get more bytes than in buffer
> > 
> > I compiled --with-tcp-wrappers and the client is allowed (obviously,
> > as ssh succeeds).  Local machines on the same subnet can scp without
> > any problems.  Same thing happens with sftp -- both ask for password,
> > then hang.  If the key is kept by an agent, scp simply quits, saying
> > that the server closed the connection.
> > 
> > I never observed that before, my SuSE box works like a clock in both
> > client/server modes.  What can be possibly broken on the Red Hat box?
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Alexy
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