scp fails where ssh succeeds; buffer_get?

Alexy Khrabrov alexy.khrabrov at
Wed Aug 7 02:01:52 EST 2002

OK, I found the problem and I apologize teh cause was really obscure
and perhaps dumb, but I didn't have bash at work (due to NIS and lack
of bash on some legacy systems I log in to), tcsh is the login shell
in NIS.  So I had this well-known hack in my ~/.cshrc:

# Change the following test to taste
if (`uname -s` == "Linux" ) then
	setenv SHELL /bin/bash
        exec /bin/bash

...and that caused scp to hang without notice, and sshd just said that
the password is accepted.  Is it the desired behavior?

What would be the right test above to let scp through?


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