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Michael Robinton michael at bizsystems.com
Wed Aug 7 09:53:25 EST 2002

> On Tuesday, August 06, Michael Robinton wrote:
> > Make it an option that can be set in both sshd-config and
> > ssh-config so
> > that both client and server operators have the choice to
> > never lose data
> > or to always disconnect, damn the data, full speed ahead :-)
> You can't make it a client-side option if it's implemented on the
> server side without extending the SSHv2 protocol [by adding a new
> channel request type].
> So now you're saying you'd be happy with a client-side option (which
> you'd default a particular way, and I another, in ssh_config).
> So you've come around to my position :)
> Q.E.D.,
> Nico
> --

not really sigh..... What I would like is to NOT find hung sshd processes
on our servers that have been started by users that can't figure out how
to properly close the session, or by scripts trying to run brain dead
daemons. From a sysadmin's viewpoint, it is impossible to police all of
this. The only practical solution is to be able to set sshd to disconnect
unconditionally when asked. The "client" side option should enable the
"no data loss" for users that really know what they are doing and are
capable of figuring out that their process hung for some reason AND
take corrective action to clear the process.


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