OpenSSH 34p1 for AIX error. Please help

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Thu Aug 8 15:32:04 EST 2002

"Wiese, Maria" wrote:
> I'm trying to install open-ssh 34p1 on an Aix server, running 4.3.3..
> I compiled openssh 0.9.6d and zlib 1.1.4.  on the server , and also created
> the a bff pancake using the contrib/aix/ script.
> I can't start sshd either installing it as a package or without.

There's a potential vulnerability in openssl <= 0.9.6d. You might like
to upgrade to 0.9.6e.

> When I tried to start sshd I received the following error:
> 0509-036 Cannot load program /.sshd because of the following errors:
> 0509-150 Dependent module /usr/local/lib/libcrypto.a/ could not
> be loaded.
>  0509-152 Member is not found in archive

As Gert said earlier, maybe OpenSSL was compiled as a shared library, or
possibly some other compile problem. What configure options did you use
to build openssl and openssh?

> Can't find a anyware on other aix servers.
> I would like to upgrade all aix servers using the package instead of having
> to compile on each server.

Me too. I have a single package built against static openssl and zlib
libraries that works from AIX 4.2.0 up to 4.3.3. (I don't have 5). The
only gotcha is you need to compile on the oldest platform (including
maintenance levels) that you plan to support.

> Also, does the aix package create an /etc/rc startup script for OpenSSH ?

Approximately yes. It appends to /etc/rc.tcpip if sshd isn't already in

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