OSF/1 or Tru64 patch for Privsep

SCHINCKE, KEITH (JSC-SM) (LM) keith.schincke1 at jsc.nasa.gov
Tue Aug 13 01:50:47 EST 2002

Hey Ben,

I pulled the latest snap shot (20020801) and got your patch to apply with
only one chunk rejected. 

I have been able to login with the new code using the OpenSSH client,
ssh.com 3.1.0 and putty 0.52.

"It works for me."

Any other data points you are interested in?

Thanks for the work you put into this.


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From: Ben Lindstrom [mailto:mouring at etoh.eviladmin.org]
Sent: Sunday, August 11, 2002 5:38 PM
To: OpenSSH Development
Subject: OSF/1 or Tru64 patch for Privsep

Either this never made it to the list or no one cares about Tru64.  This
is the last time I'll send this patch to the list.  If no one steps up and
finishes it or provides me with enough information to fix any remaining
bugs (one being complaint that 'ssh site cmd' does not work right).

If there is no activity on this for a week.  I'll post it to bugzilla and
will ignore any request for me to fix Tru64.

I do thank everyone that has privately contributed help in regards to
testing and such.

This patch may apply to 3.4p1, but I'd perfer testing to be done on -cvs.

- Ben

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