password prompt

J S vervoom at
Wed Aug 14 01:34:28 EST 2002

I can't see any way to get scp/sftp to work with keyboard interactive, so 
think I'll have to go back to my original plan which was to try and fix the 
securid patch to get it to display the passcode prompt.

Assuming non keyboard-interactive then, could someone tell me where in the 
openssh code, the current password prompt gets created/called from please?

Many thanks,



Thanks for your help on this. I'm not sure whether I understood your answer
though. The keyboard interactive is switched on in the sshd_config, and I've
got passcode prompts working now with ssh but scp and sftp cut out before I
can connect. Is there someway to switch keyboard interactive on for the

>On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 12:01:28PM +0000, J S wrote:
> > Should keyboard interactive work with scp and sftp for securid as well 
>yes, but it depends on whether the server does speak keyboard interactive .

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