Further comment on chroot patch for openssh-3.4p1

Wick, Kent kent.wick at mhmr.state.tx.us
Wed Aug 14 04:39:20 EST 2002

The way this was last supplied to this list (2002-07-13) has the chroot
after the call to 'setpcred'.  In AIX 4.3.3 the call to setpcred changes
the uid and eff. uid to the user attempting to logon.  Then the call to
chroot( new_home ) fails because AIX requires that any user issuing
the chroot subroutine be at root authority.
Net result: attempting to do a chroot after the call to setpcred fails.

I tried moving the setpcred after the chroot code but ran into other 
problems which I am not prepared to attempt to address.  This email
is only for information for anybody trying to get chroot on openssh to

If the people who might be working on the chroot capability of openssh
come up with any revisions I would probably be available to test them.
Kent Wick,  TxMHMR,  Unix/Network Systems Programmer
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