[Bug 383] PublicKeyAuthentication failure when rlogin set to false

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Fri Aug 23 12:24:40 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2002-08-23 12:24 -------
Here's the reason from the log:
"Login restricted for root: 3004-306 Remote logins are not allowed for this 

What version are you upgrading from? All versions I checked back to 2.1.1p4 
contained the following test in auth.c:

if (loginrestrictions(pw->pw_name, S_RLOGIN, NULL, &loginmsg) != 0) {
    log("Login restricted for %s: %.100s", pw->pw_name, loginmsg);

To me it seems to be working like it should: if you disable remote logins you 
can't log in remotely.

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