[Bug 383] PublicKeyAuthentication failure when rlogin set to false

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Fri Aug 23 12:49:06 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2002-08-23 12:49 -------
Ah, I think I know why you're seeing it now.  Were your previous binaries 
compiled on AIX 4.2 perchance?

The loginrestrictions() test is wrapped inside "#ifdef WITH_AIXAUTHENTICATE". 
Configure defines that if it can find the function "authenticate".  On 4.2, 
authenticate it in libs.a.  On 4.3, it's in libc.a.  Configure didn't check in 

The upshot is if you compile 3.4p1 or below on AIX 4.2, WITH_AIXAUTHENTICATE 
doesn't get defined and the loginrestrictions() test doesn't get compiled in.  
In -cvs, configure has been fixed to look in libs.a if necessary, so behaviour 
will be consistent between AIX versions.

The quick way to get the behaviour you want is to set "#define 
WITH_AIXAUTHENTICATE 0" in config.h after running configure, then recompile.  
This is probably not a long-term solution as it also disables other things (eg 
lockout on bad logins and logging of succcesful logins).  You may need to 
rethink your strategy.

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