Building 3.0p1 on HPUX 10.2, gcc, zlib 1.1.4

Ghulam Rabani rabani at
Mon Aug 26 16:39:33 EST 2002

Darren (All),

Thanks for your response.

By providing the zlib PATH to the openssh configure script I managed to get
to the stage where the script complains that openssl is not installed (as

However, after downloading the openssl software, I found to my
disappointment, that I only have the standard HPUX C complier which is not
sufficient to compile the openssl software. Currently, I am in the process
of configuring and compiling the gcc v3.0 complier.

It never rains but pours.

Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted on my progress (or lack of).


PS - If become a burden just yell out :)

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Ghulam Rabani wrote: 
> I've never posted here before but I seem to be having a similar problem to
> what Tim Rice had in July, namely when running the configure script I get
> the following:
> configure: error: *** zlib missing - please install first or check
> config.log ***
> However, I have definitely installed zlib (see below):

Firstly, 3.0 has at least one known remotely exploitable security
vulnerability. You should probably get 3.4p1. (eg

My guess is that zlib is installed someplace where configure doesn't
automatically look. Try ./configure --with-zlib=/opt/zlib (or wherever
your package put the libz.a file).

> I haven't installed openssl as I can't get access to Is
> that the reason?

Dunno, but you won't be able to build without openssl. You can get it
from a mirror (eg

Keven Steves has put up a how-to for building OpenSSH on HP-UX. It's at

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