Tru64 patch won't make it into 3.5 due to lack of interest.

Wed Aug 28 17:18:39 EST 2002

Hi Ben,

I just discovered your patch for Tru64 privsep problems when SIA (enhanced
security) is enabled. I only just got around to trying 3.4p1 and privsep
on this platform today. I'll see if I can make headway with testing your
patch tomorrow. Sorry if there hasn't been much response from what's left
of the community...Sometimes it seems like there's nobody left after
DEC/Compaq (/HP?) mismanagement, but hey, Mozilla is supporting Tru64, and
even OpenVMS! Maybe you can get their development team interested. I'm
definitely interested in supporting OpenSSH on Tru64 because we still use
this platform in a big way.

David Potterveld

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