Building 3.0p1 on HPUX 10.2, gcc, zlib 1.1.4

Bob Proulx bob at
Thu Aug 29 11:26:42 EST 2002

J.S.Peatfield at <J.S.Peatfield at> [2002-08-28 23:48:12 +0100]:
> > # zlib                  1.1.4          zlib           
> >   zlib.zlib-RUN  
> My HP-UX is a bit rusty but that looks suspiciously like only the
> runtime bits might be installed...  Can you check if you can swinstall
> any other zlib packages?


But why do you need to swinstall zlib?  If you are compiling ssh from
source then I recommend you also compile zlib from source.  You are in
the source world, stay in the source world.  Zlib compiles and
configures easily for hpux.  This guarentees that you won't get
mismatched object modules and simplies life a lot.


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