Tru64 privsep patch testing

Fri Aug 30 10:26:49 EST 2002

Hi Ben,

> I assume you are going against --current or a more recent snapshot.

Well, I was using 3.4p1. I just downloaded, patched, and built the
20020826 snapshot. This does behave differently... I ran sshd interactively
(sshd -e -d -d -d) and tried to connect with a client. The privileged process
commits the same error as before. The difference is that now it doesn't
tear down the client session when it exits, and the client appears functional
(warning: not tested yet beyond simply getting a shell.) So it seems to me that
there is still something wrong in the logic: at this point, the privileged
process shouldn't be trying to launch another session on this tty, and it
just happens to work now because the unprivileged process is better isolated.

Toni: Thanks for researching how to build the snapshot (and everyone else for

David Potterveld
Argonne National Laboratory

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